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With the Flag to Pretoria, contd.

By December the British, reinforced, were ready to advance. In 'Black Week' they suffered three reverses: at Stormberg (10th), Magersfontein (11th) and Colenso (15th Dec.)

Following these defeats, Buller was replaced as C-in-C by Lord Roberts with Lord Kitchener as his Chief of Staff.

In great secrecy Roberts switched his line of attack and, by-passing the Boer defensive positions, relieved Kimberley (Feb 15) and captured 4000 Boers at Paardeburg (Feb 27, 'Majuba Day'). Meanwhile Buller, after three unsuccessful attempts, forced a crossing of the river Tugela and relieved Ladysmith (Feb 28).

Roberts now advanced on th central front, captured both Boer capitals (Bloemfontein Mar 13 and Pretoria Jun 5) and believed the War was over. He was wrong - it lasted two more years.

The siege of Mafeking, a strategically irrelevant side-show, was raised on May 17.

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